Top 10 Best Accounting Firms of 2021

Searching for top 10 best accounting firms? With a variety of options, it is a difficult decision to select top accounting firms. Accounting is very common for a business to record systematic and detailed transactions. Therefore, the requirement of the best accounting companies is in high demand. Accounting is an important part of an organization that cannot be avoided. To keep your business afloat, take help from these online accounting service providers who can offer you ways to plan your business. Regardless of size, accounting is a necessary function that should be utilized valuable to obtain maximum benefit. Find the prepared list of accounting firms and select to experience the best results.

Here is the List of best Accounting Firms

212 Tax & Accounting Services

212 Tax & Accounting Services serve clients in a range of industries, including hospitality, nightlife, real estate, legal, and medical. their team stays up-to-date on the latest tax laws and can provide a thorough tax plan as well as insightful advice. their accounting services offer individuals and companies tax preparation services, QuickBooks training, audit defense and more. their experts are here to help with clear, actionable guidance to make your tax preparation process painless

Accountants on Air

Accountants on Air is highly skilled Accounting firm based in New York is offering inventive accounting services and tax planning solutions for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals who live in US or abroad. their main target is to assist our client wherever they located. We use the latest technology development in tax policy, legislation and Administration. their engagement to provide our clients with a service consolidates quality, connectivity, responsiveness and insight. their practise system is advocated by vigorous and accurate approach that focuses persistently to provide the most convenient and simple way to satisfy our clients’ needs. Accountants on Air is a newborn idea that was delivered by a young ambitious entrepreneur, who wanted to change the concept of Accounting practice in the new world that they living in by providing the most convenient ways to assist clients and Accountants using the most technological tools to offer the highest quality services to all the client anywhere and everywhere.

Black Ink Tax & Accounting Services

If you are pre-occupied in running your small business and have less time to do business accounting by your own, then outsourced accounting services NY, USA and Bookkeeping Services USA online can be the perfect handy choice. This is where Black Ink can help you with the best accounting and bookkeeping services for small businesses throughout United States. They offer small businesses with customized accounting, bookkeeping, business advisory and tax preparation services with top-notch quality. Their qualified accountants provide excellent customer support with guaranteed small business bookkeeping and accounting solutions in USA. The list of accounting and bookkeeping services at Black Ink is diverse, covering payroll processing, financial reporting, bookkeeping, invoice handling, and credit card management.

Exceptional Tax & Accounting Services LLC

Exceptional Tax & Accounting Services LLC are Brooklyn, New York Based Tax & Accounting Company. If you are looking for a blend of personal service and expertise, They offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives and independent professionals. An accounting firm is known for the quality of its service. their firm’s reputation reflects the high standards they demand of themselves. their firm provides outstanding service to their clients because of their dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.

Gerstein Tax Service

Gerstein Tax Service is a Brooklyn, New York Based Tax Preparation Service Company. Gerstein Tax Service has been providing tax preparation and advisory services for individuals, families, and privately-held businesses of the Brooklyn community and far beyond for more than 40 years. They are committed to ensuring that all their clients enjoy every tax advantage they’re entitled to at a very competitive price. They advise on all sorts of tax issues, big and small. Evaluating financial and life-planning decisions with an eye toward tax is essential. They at Gerstein Tax Service are prepared to assist you in making those decisions with confidence.

M & P Tax Services & Consultants

M & P Tax Service & Consultants is a Brooklyn, New York Based Tax Preparation Company that has been serving businesses, large and small, as well as individuals, for decades. As a family own and operated business, established over 40 years ago, M & P understands the needs of families and family run businesses. Whether you need personal tax advice, payroll consultation for a Mom & Pop shop, or a full service tax and payroll support for a large corporation, M & P Tax Service and Consultants is here for you. it is their mission to provide your family and your company with the care and attention you deserve.

McLan Accounting Services

McLan Accounting Services LLC is a full-service accounting firm serving clients throughout the Brooklyn, New York area, dedicated to providing their clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs. They have also provided you with online resources to assist in the tax process and financial decision-making. These tools include downloadable tax forms and publications, financial calculators, news and links to other useful sites.

Prime Tax & Accounting Company NYC

Prime Tax & Accounting Company NYC is a full service tax, accounting and bookkeeping firm located in New York. They offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. they are affordable, experienced, and friendly. their firm is one of the leading firms in the area. By combining our expertise, experience, and the energy of our staff, each client receives close personal and professional attention.

SG Quality Accounting Corp.

If you’re looking for a Accounting firm based in New York that will focus on your individual needs, and always treat you like a client who matters, look no further. SG Quality Accounting Corp. firm is large enough to offer a full range of professional Accounting services, but small enough to give you the individual attention that you deserve.

U.S. Accounting, Inc.

U.S. Accounting, Inc. is an accounting firm located in New York, New York since 2009. Having over 15 years of continuous experience has provided us knowledgeable expertise in assisting you with your financial income statements, tax preparation, and bookkeeping needs for both individuals and businesses alike. Call today to make an appointment and see how easy and simple they can help you with your financial decisions!

What Are Services Provided by Accounting Firms?

Accounting firms offer a myriad of services that help business owners stay financially organized, tax compliant and that help prepare for business growth. Business owners shouldn’t look at an accounting firm merely as an outsourcing cost for bookkeeping but as an integral business partner. Not every accounting firm offers every type of service, and business owners should interview various firms to determine which is the best fit for the company’s specific business needs.

1. Tax Planning and Preparation

There is much more to tax planning and preparation than completing tax returns, although accounting firms prepare both state and federal corporate tax returns. Accounting firms also prepare year-end business documents, such as IRS owner K-1, employee W-2 and 1099-Misc forms. Business owners can also give accounting firms authority to represent the business owner’s interests regarding notices, information requests or audits from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Additionally, business owners need to establish business entities that create most favorable tax scenarios. Accounting firms help identify the best solutions and that aid in the creation of entities that make the best tax sense for the company. Some estate planning needs are unique to many business owners, and an accounting firm helps identify these. By looking at the big picture of a business and its key owners, the accounting firm is able to help develop the right mix of business entity creation and family trust establishment. Firms will work with estate planning attorneys, financial planners and insurance agents to implement long-term strategies for business transfers and to mitigate estate taxes.

2. Operational Bookkeeping and Payroll

Many business owners are great at providing the product or service that is the backbone of the business. But business owners aren’t always experts at the financial aspects of running a business. Accounting firms can assist with this. Copies of business bank accounts can be sent to accounting firms that work with bookkeepers to maintain accurate cash flow records. Accounting firms also create profit and loss statements that break down key areas of costs and revenue streams. Accounting firms also may assist with accounts receivable and manage outgoing monies that include vendor payments and payroll processing. Accounting firms can also help ensure that required federal paperwork for on-boarding employees and independent contractors is completed so that the company can issue year-end payment documents properly.

3. Business Development and Valuation

Accounting firms are integral when a business needs to create valuation reports or to obtain audits that financing firms require. When a business seeks a loan or funding from a private investor, this transaction needs to be legitimately and accurately valued. It is also necessary for potential mergers or purchases. Accounting firms are able to look at previous years’ revenues, book of business and growth patterns to determine a reasonable value of the company to give to potential investors or buyers. Some accounting firms also help new businesses with pro forma financial statements and projections. Pro forma financials are used for initial funding or for business expansion. Accounting firms use industry data, along with existing company financial history, to calculate the data.

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