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1) MoSoMoS

MoSoMoS stands out as a renowned name among Effect Companies in The Bronx in Visual. Not To Scale emerges as a globally renowned film and animation studio, recognized for its extensive portfolio of accolade-winning content produced on behalf of major international brands spanning over a decade. The studio’s unwavering commitment to animation and VFX techniques has culminated in the establishment of cutting-edge production and post-production facilities across North America, the UK, and Central Europe. A collective of accomplished professionals adeptly employs the latest Autodesk CG animation software, harnesses the capabilities of Arnold render farms, utilizes Final Cut editing software, leverages AFX & Nuke compositing software, accesses the Da Vinci color grading facility, and applies their audio production expertise to generate unparalleled content.From inception to completion, the studio maintains a close collaboration with its clientele, ensuring the seamless realization of each project and the attainment of desired objectives. Whether the project entails the creation of a commercial, an explainer video, or a unique endeavor altogether, the adept team at Not To Scale stands fully equipped to manage every facet of the undertaking with an unwavering commitment to meticulousness and professionalism.