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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find the top video production companies in Brooklyn, NY on NewYorkLists.com?

A: To find the top video production companies in Brooklyn, NY on NewYorkLists.com, follow these simple steps:
1. Visit the NewYorkLists.com website.
2. Navigate to the "Video Production Companies" section or use the search bar to find companies specializing in video production in Brooklyn, NY.
3. Browse through the list of top-rated video production companies and read their profiles, services offered, and client testimonials.
4. Choose a video production company that aligns with your project requirements and contact them directly to discuss your video production needs.

Q: What types of video production services do the top companies offer?

A: The top video production companies listed on NewYorkLists.com offer a wide range of services, including:
- Commercial Video Production
- Corporate Video Production
- Event Video Production
- Product Video Production
- Documentary Filmmaking
- Animation and Motion Graphics
- Post-Production Editing
- Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

Q: How do I hire a video production company from NewYorkLists.com?

A: Hiring a video production company from NewYorkLists.com is a straightforward process:
1. Review the profiles of video production companies to find one with a strong portfolio and experience in the type of video you need.
2. Visit the company's website or use the provided contact information to get in touch with them.
3. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your video production requirements and learn more about the company's expertise.

Q: Are the video production companies on NewYorkLists.com experienced and reputable?

A: Yes, the video production companies listed on NewYorkLists.com are carefully selected based on their experience and reputation. We feature companies with a proven track record of producing high-quality videos for various clients. You can trust that these companies have the expertise to deliver professional video production services for your project.

Q: How much do video production companies charge for their services on NewYorkLists.com?

A: The cost of video production services can vary depending on the complexity of your project, the length of the video, and the company's expertise. Some companies may offer packaged video production services with fixed pricing, while others may provide custom quotes based on your specific needs. It's best to discuss your video requirements and budget with the company during the initial consultation.

Q: Can I see examples of previous video projects produced by companies on NewYorkLists.com?

A: Yes, many video production companies on NewYorkLists.com showcase their previous video projects and showreels on their profiles or websites. Reviewing their work will give you insights into their production quality and storytelling abilities. This will help you assess whether their style aligns with your video project's vision and goals.

Q: How can I request a video production consultation with companies on NewYorkLists.com?

A: Requesting a video production consultation is easy:
1. Visit the video production company's profile you are interested in working with.
2. Look for their contact information, which usually includes an email address or phone number.
3. Reach out to the company and provide details about your video project, including your objectives and timeline.
4. The company will schedule a consultation to discuss your video production needs and provide recommendations tailored to your project.

About Brooklyn Video Production Companies

Create Stunning Visuals: Discover the Top Video Production Companies in Brooklyn, NY

When it comes to bringing your creative vision to life, the top video production companies in Brooklyn, NY are your ideal partners. These expert companies specialize in producing high-quality videos for various purposes, including commercials, corporate videos, event coverage, brand storytelling, and more. With their state-of-the-art equipment, skilled team, and creative expertise, they can capture captivating visuals and deliver videos that make a lasting impact on your audience.

Why Choose the Top Video Production Companies in Brooklyn, NY?

  • 1. Professional Crew: Access to experienced directors, cinematographers, and editors.
  • 2. Cutting-Edge Equipment: Utilizing the latest cameras, lighting, and sound technology.
  • 3. Creative Approach: Developing unique concepts to tell your brand's story effectively.
  • 4. Timely Delivery: Delivering projects on time without compromising quality.
  • 5. Client Collaboration: Involving you in the creative process and addressing your feedback.

Services Offered by Top Video Production Companies

  1. 1. Pre-Production Planning: Concept development, scriptwriting, and storyboarding.
  2. 2. Production: On-location or studio shooting with professional equipment.
  3. 3. Video Editing: Post-production editing, color grading, and special effects.
  4. 4. Motion Graphics: Adding dynamic animations and graphics to enhance visuals.
  5. 5. Video Marketing: Assistance in promoting and distributing your videos effectively.

How to Choose the Top Video Production Company?

  1. 1. Portfolio and Reel: Review their portfolio and sample videos.
  2. 2. Client Reviews: Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients.
  3. 3. Budget Considerations: Compare quotes and services within your budget.
  4. 4. Industry Expertise: Choose companies experienced in your industry or niche.
  5. 5. Communication: Ensure clear and open communication throughout the project.
  6. 6. Creative Compatibility: Collaborate with companies aligned with your vision.
  7. 7. Project Management: Assess their ability to handle projects efficiently.

Elevate your brand with top-notch video content created by the top video production companies in Brooklyn, NY. Their creative prowess and technical finesse will transform your ideas into compelling visual stories that engage and inspire your audience.

Which are the Top 10 Best Video Production Companies in Brooklyn, New York?

1) American Movie Company, LLC

American Movie Company, LLC stands out as a renowned name among Video Production Companies in Brooklyn. The American Movie Company has firmly established itself as a prominent provider of video production services, a legacy rooted in its inception in 1996 under the guidance of Emmy Award-winning Bill Milling. Operating as an encompassing solution for diverse video production requisites, the company extends an extensive array of green screen and white screen cyclorama studios, meticulously tailored to accommodate a wide spectrum of budgetary considerations. Spanning the five boroughs of New York City, the company’s assortment of sound stages encompasses several locations, including the expansive Astoria studio measuring 35′ by 70′, as well as the Chelsea North studio nestled within the heart of Midtown Manhattan.The company’s adept team comprises accomplished producers, writers, directors of photography, CGI artists, video crews, and editors, collectively collaborating to translate your creative vision into reality with uncompromising quality, all while maintaining adherence to financial parameters. The company’s steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service is reflected in its unwavering dedication to fostering a seamless and stress-free environment for its esteemed clientele.Whether the aspiration involves the creation of a commercial, a corporate video, a feature film, or any other genre of video content, The American Movie Company possesses the requisite expertise and resources to cater to distinct requirements. The spectrum of services offered spans pre-production planning, scriptwriting, filming, post-production, and distribution. Bolstered by years of industry experience and an unwavering emphasis on innovation and excellence, The American Movie Company stands as a trusted collaborator to fulfill a diverse array of video production needs.

2) Prosper Digital TV

Prosper Digital TV specializes in a comprehensive array of digital marketing and video production services. The company’s headquarters are situated in Brooklyn, NY, serving as a collaborative hub where the team interfaces with clientele to meticulously orchestrate video strategies encompassing scripting, storyboarding, and scheduling. Employing a versatile repertoire of techniques spanning editing, animation, sound design, titling, and motion graphics, the company is resolutely committed to the creation of captivating narratives. Clients are afforded the convenience of an online editing workflow that facilitates review and feedback incorporation, while the option to participate in the process directly at the studio is equally available. Within Prosper Digital TV, a dynamic collective of creative professionals converges, comprising directors, producers, cinematographers, photographers, editors, writers, and marketers, all operating in tandem to unearth novel and inventive methods of narrative storytelling. The company is characterized by an unwavering zeal for assisting clients in the realms of education, transformation, and inspiration, steadfastly striving to foster connections with audiences. The team eagerly anticipates the prospect of cultivating a collaborative partnership for the realization of your forthcoming project.

3) XCON Productions

XCON Productions emerges as a prominent television and film production entity headquartered within the vibrant borough of Brooklyn. The company stands recognized for its prowess in curating cinematic entertainment curated to resonate across a diverse spectrum of platforms. XCON Productions specializes in the creation of a versatile portfolio, encompassing both documentary and scripted content meticulously tailored for network, cable, and premium streaming services. Guided by an unwavering passion for delving into historical narratives, scrutinizing contemporary paradigms, and ensnaring audiences with narratives of profound impact, XCON Productions dedicates its endeavors to the formulation of thought-provoking content designed to elicit deep resonance among viewers. A team endowed with seasoned experience and innate talent stands poised to realize the company’s vision, facilitating the delivery of exceptional productions characterized by a compelling engagement and a profound inspirational quotient.

4) Simba Productions

Simba Productions emerges as a seasoned entity boasting 41 years of prowess in corporate video production, strategically stationed within the vibrant landscape of New York City. The company boasts an extensive portfolio comprising thousands of videos meticulously crafted for a diverse clientele spanning from burgeoning startups to renowned entities the likes of Google, Paramount Pictures, and IBM. The company’s proficiency extends across a spectrum encompassing commercial, promotional, educational, legal, musical, and non-profit videos, in addition to event coverage and crowd funding initiatives. Notably, the company has recently attained the milestone of successfully concluding its inaugural feature film, “Extra Innings,” a significant testament to its array of achievements.

5) Astoria Films Inc

Astoria Films emerges as an independent film and television studio situated within the bustling expanse of New York City, boasting a prolific trajectory in content production commencing from 1997. The studio excels in the intricate art of formulating and cultivating feature films and television series, tailored for expansive global distribution across diverse platforms. Presently, the studio orchestrates the evolution of a robust portfolio exceeding 30 feature films in development, including a contemporary rendition of the Italian post-war masterpiece, Umberto D. Notably, the television division, operating under the banner of Basement Studios, embarks on the pre-production phase of 10 original pilots. Astoria Films nurtures robust affiliations with a range of prominent motion picture studios and distributors both within the U.S. and across the European landscape. Of recent acclaim, Astoria Films stands as a co-producer for its latest feature, “STEALING CHANEL,” featuring a cast comprising Adam Lavorgna, Lydia Hearst, Margaret Colin, John Rothman, and Carol Alt. This compelling cinematic creation has garnered recognition, having been procured by Lifetime Television for comprehensive global distribution. The visionary force behind Astoria Films is Roy Carlo, assuming the dual role of founder and instrumental figure in the capacity of writer and producer across several projects. The studio’s operational echelons also encompass James La Vita, entrusted with the oversight of Motion Picture Development and Production, while Joe Shapiro steers the helm of the Television Division. Tom Kelly, in turn, presides as the Vice President of Talent and Media Relations, lending his expertise to enhance the studio’s public and industry engagements.

6) Steiner Studios

Steiner Studios presents a substantial production and support facility nested within the Brooklyn Navy Yard, inaugurated in November 2004. The expansive expanse of 780,000 square feet heralds the advent of the first Hollywood-style establishment of its nature in the city of New York. The studio’s conception was meticulously tailored to cater to the requisites of producers and facility operators hailing from Los Angeles, synergizing with the creative prowess of top-tier artistic talent native to New York. Within the precincts of Steiner Studios, patrons encounter a comprehensive, cutting-edge “production factory” teeming with capabilities, purposefully poised to facilitate end-to-end production endeavors encompassing television series, major cinematic ventures, independent films, broadcast commercials, photoshoots, and music videos. A remarkable thirty soundstages grace the complex, inclusive of the largest of its kind on the Eastern Seaboard, spanning 27,000 square feet. The layout further includes ample office spaces, auxiliary facilities, and a generous allocation of on-site parking. Earning distinction as the most expansive and sophisticated studio complex beyond the realms of Hollywood, Steiner Studios entices luminaries of the industry, beckoning some of the most eminent names within its folds.

7) Titmouse Inc.

The animation studio, Titmouse, Inc., operates as a producer of a diverse range of animated content, which encompasses television programming, feature films, music videos, title sequences, commercials, and short films. With studio locations established in Los Angeles, New York City, and Vancouver, Titmouse maintains a team comprising more than 700 skilled individuals. This team includes talented writers, producers, directors, storyboard artists, animators, compositors, and editors. Within the premises of Titmouse, there exists a state-of-the-art sound studio used for the recording of a significant portion of its original content. Moreover, editing bays are employed by the editors to apply the final touches to the projects. Titmouse takes great pride in its capacity to undertake projects of varying scales, ranging from small to large, and is fully committed to delivering animation of the highest quality throughout the entire production process.

8) Goodbrother

Goodbrother emerges as a video agency rooted in Brooklyn, NY, exhibiting a distinct specialization in the creation of digital commercials, videos, and documentaries. The agency’s portfolio spans the digital landscape, encompassing online platforms, television broadcasts, and social media networks. Goodbrother’s hallmark rests upon an unwavering commitment to projects that champion the products and services of brands and organizations dedicated to fostering positive impact within the global landscape. The agency’s endeavors span the gamut, embracing offerings designed to amplify happiness as well as initiatives geared toward fostering sustainability. Goodbrother remains resolute in its dedication to facilitating audience engagement on your behalf. The agency boasts a diverse array of video styles within its repertoire, spanning the spectrum from commercials and narrative-driven videos to product-centric and brand-focused presentations. Additionally, the agency extends its expertise to encompass interviews and documentary-style productions, company promotional videos, social media content, and immersive virtual reality experiences. Through its multifaceted capabilities, Goodbrother stands prepared to contribute to your brand’s narrative, amplifying its resonance and reach across a spectrum of multimedia platforms.

9) 610FILM

610FILM emerges as an esteemed art-house film production company, marked by its inception by Svetlana and Saint Clair Cemin. Situated within the vibrant realm of Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, the company’s establishment in 2015 heralded a resolute mission to encapsulate distinctive manifestations of creativity. The endeavor manifests through the documentation of diverse art forms and artists. Encompassing a collective of accomplished and burgeoning creatives hailing from global origins, the team unites in collaborative efforts that span a diverse gamut of projects. This portfolio encompasses a rich tapestry of creations, ranging from short films and art documentaries to experimental and feature-length cinematic ventures. Among the extensive list of accomplishments stand several award-winning productions, exemplified by titles such as “Saint Clair Cemin,” “Psyche,” “Father Arsenie,” “Adam Fuss,” “A Landscape of Imagination,” “Metamorphosis,” “Madeleine Hatz,” “A Royal Vagabond,” “BURN,” and “Laura Kaplan, Love is All that Matters,” among others. Rooted in an unwavering dedication to embracing novel avenues of storytelling, 610FILM introduces an innovative and distinct perspective within the realm of independent cinema.

10) ReelSmart Productions

ReelSmart Productions stands committed to furnishing clients with a comprehensive video marketing experience, surpassing mere aesthetic considerations. The company boasts a team of seasoned specialists adept at crafting strategic content that elevates audience engagement across the entirety of digital platforms, spanning each phase of the sales journey. The hallmark of the company lies in its purpose-driven video creations, meticulously structured to amplify click-through rates and sharing metrics, mitigate bounce rates, optimize conversions, prolong website engagement durations, and even augment customer support functionalities. The company extends a wide spectrum of indispensable services, encompassing videography, direction, editing, concept development, scriptwriting, motion graphics, VFX, and an array of other critical facets requisite for the attainment of exceptional video production. The company’s portfolio is poised to accommodate diverse aspirations, whether the ambition revolves around the creation of a corporate video or a dynamic social media advertisement. ReelSmart Productions remains unwavering in its dedication to fabricating intelligent content engineered to yield tangible outcomes, thereby facilitating clients in their pursuit of realizing brand campaign objectives.