Popular Telemarketing Companies in Brooklyn

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About Brooklyn Telemarketing Companies

Which are the Top 10 Best Telemarketing Companies in Brooklyn, New York?

1) Wave Telemarketing Service

Wave Telemarketing Service stands out as a renowned name among Telemarketing Companies in Brooklyn. Wave Telemarketing is a New York Based telemarketing company offering wide range of telemarketing and call center services. Wave Telemarketing’s telemarketing professionals includes a staff of seasoned call center veterans. their average agent is 39 to 60 years old. The vast majority of their outbound call center staff has had previous sales experience. Wave Telemarketing offers extensive sales training, a competitive salary and compensation plan that attracts competent people therefore allowing us to be selective when choosing their call operators.

2) US Amfax Telemarketing

US Amfax is a New york based business development services provides Telemarketing and other business development services. US Amfax maximizes business growth through development and implementation of unique marketing, sales and management strategies. Their unique and practical approach is grounded in many years of real world experience in marketing, sales, management and organizational development for both large corporations and small businesses.