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Which are the Top 10 Best Staffing Firms in Manhattan, NY?

1) Gainor Staffing & Consultants

Gainor Staffing & Consultants stands out as a renowned name among Staffing Firms in Manhattan. Gainor, a women-owned staffing agency situated in New York, has maintained a prominent presence in the market since its inception in 1982. Through deep engagement with both their clients’ enterprises and candidates’ professional journeys, they acquire a comprehensive understanding of their respective objectives and aspirations. The reputation of Gainor is built upon their consistent integration of these priorities into every aspect of their talent searches, fostering meaningful and impactful connections. Over the course of its existence, the agency has nurtured enduring affiliations with clientele spanning diverse sectors, including Media, Marketing, Creative, Fashion, Financial, Real Estate, Legal, eCommerce, and more, thereby solidifying their standing as a frontrunner within the New York staffing domain.

2) HR Soul Consulting

HR Soul Consulting, headquartered in New York, operates as an HR consulting firm that centers its efforts on delivering a comprehensive, innovative, and human-centered experience for both clients and candidates. Possessing a wealth of senior-level HR and business experience accumulated over decades, the firm has a documented history of formulating strategies, evaluating culture, establishing organizational alignment, and enhancing engagement. Their client base spans diverse global and domestic groups, encompassing executives to front-line staff, and they offer pragmatic HR solutions characterized by quantifiable outcomes. HR Soul Consulting places significant emphasis on return on investment (ROI) and collaborates to set measurable objectives in alignment with specific business strategies.

3) Lucas Group

Lucas Group operates as a recruitment company situated in New York, offering distinguished talent acquisition services spanning diverse industries. The firm boasts a team of adept recruiters, proficient in the intricacies of various markets and verticals, enabling them to fulfill intricate and vital roles for businesses of all scales. Specializing in procuring high-caliber candidates for upper management to mid-level positions, they provide enduring staffing solutions tailored to the distinctive hiring requisites of their clients. Lucas Group’s Northeastern hub is located in New York City, serving as a focal point for the entire East Coast, equipped with extensive industry contacts and expertise across multiple practice areas. The firm’s headhunters play a pivotal role in assisting NYC-based companies in identifying and securing top-tier executive talent within the city. Whether it entails sourcing permanent, full-time roles or filling short-term or project-based positions, Lucas Group is devoted to delivering staffing solutions that transcend expectations.

4) Genuine Search Group

Genuine Search Group, established in 2015 and situated in Midtown Manhattan, operates as a recruitment agency. The firm provides comprehensive permanent and temporary recruitment services across the New York Metro Area and various other significant cities across the United States. Their specialization lies in pinpointing candidates whose aspirations and principles align with those of prospective employers. Through their adeptness in navigating diverse job roles and hierarchies, they have cultivated enduring alliances with clientele, aiding them in locating suitable talent at all levels within their establishments. Genuine Search Group collaborates with a wide spectrum of entities, including startups, sizable publicly traded corporations, and organizations of varying sizes.

5) Kona HR

Kona HR, situated in New York, provides a comprehensive array of services encompassing HR, payroll, property and casualty, employee benefits, and international operations. The company extends its offerings to businesses across various sizes, accommodating small and medium-sized enterprises as well as larger corporations, with special emphasis on professional services entities. Their diverse service portfolio is tailored to establish comprehensive HR operations within businesses, regardless of their scope. Kona HR assumes the role of a strategic collaborator, delivering continual personalized assistance to address the distinct requirements of each organization.

6) ABS Staffing Solutions

ABS Staffing Solutions LLC is a well-regarded staffing firm situated in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. The company specializes in providing high-quality temporary and permanent placements, boasting a rich experience spanning over two decades within the industry. The skilled team of recruiters and staff members at ABS Staffing Solutions is adept at handling both short- and long-term assignments. Whether individuals are employers in search of suitable candidates for open positions or candidates seeking employment opportunities, ABS Staffing Solutions is well-equipped to assist. The company prides itself on achieving outcomes that align precisely with the distinctive requirements of its clients. The role of CEO and founder of ABS Staffing Solutions is held by Ariel Schur, LCSW. Ariel’s unique and unconventional background has contributed to setting the company’s brand apart in a competitive market. With a strong emphasis on personalized service, Ariel forges tailored relationships with clients to ensure ideal employee matches that meet their specific staffing needs. ABS Staffing Solutions remains dedicated to providing service of the highest caliber, exceeding expectations at every turn.

7) Atlantic Recruiters

Atlantic Group is a recruitment firm that was established in New York City in 2006 with a primary focus on Finance, Accounting, Operations, Investor Relations, and other infrastructure roles. Over the last decade, the company has diversified and expanded its recruitment capabilities to include Information Technology, Corporate Services & Administrative Support, Healthcare, Real Estate & Construction, Quantitative & Systematic Trading, and a full-service staffing practice. The company’s New York-based recruitment agency specializes in areas where it can provide maximum value promptly. The team has specialized knowledge in all areas, including healthcare recruiting and temporary staffing.

8) PEAR Core Solutions

PEAR is a company based in New York that specializes in offering customized HR support services to businesses. The company’s team comprises experienced HR professionals who are capable of collaborating with existing HR staff to offer assistance or functioning as a comprehensive in-house HR department, accessible round the clock. PEAR establishes partnerships with organizational leaders to facilitate the achievement of organizational objectives, operating as change agents and strategic HR partners. The company’s primary areas of expertise are proprietary, centered around cultivating robust outcomes in process, procedure, performance, and personnel.

9) KAS Placement

KAS Placement operates as a prominent recruitment firm specializing in sales and marketing executive search. Situated in New York, the firm’s adept recruiters possess an in-depth comprehension of the staffing requisites of businesses spanning various sectors. They diligently facilitate connections between these companies and top-tier talent that yields substantial return on investment. Concentrating exclusively on sales and marketing staffing, KAS Placement has established itself as a preferred collaborator for companies of all magnitudes, aiming to fulfill critical roles with adept individuals. The recruiters at KAS Placement are renowned for their unwavering work ethic, and their dedication to delivering favorable outcomes for both employers and job seekers stands unparalleled. For those in pursuit of superior sales and marketing staffing solutions, KAS Placement emerges as the trusted choice.

10) HR Search Partners

HR Search Partners stands as a prominent executive search and consulting firm based in New York, dedicated to the recruitment of high-caliber human resource professionals and office support staff. Employing a consultative methodology, the firm adeptly evaluates talent and assesses candidate compatibility, ensuring the procurement of optimal candidates that precisely match client requirements. Their comprehensive services encompass specialized divisions spanning legal, financial, compliance, legal support, biotechnology, construction, real estate, supply chain, and technology sectors. Interested parties are encouraged to engage with HR Search Partners to explore the potential for securing fitting talent for their respective organizations.