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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of shipping services are available in Brooklyn, NY?

A: Brooklyn, NY offers a variety of shipping services including domestic shipping, international shipping, express shipping, freight shipping, and specialized services for fragile or oversized items.

Q: How can I track my shipped package?

A: Most shipping services provide tracking numbers that you can use to monitor the status and location of your package in real-time through their online tracking systems.

Q: What is the estimated delivery time for standard shipping?

A: The estimated delivery time for standard shipping varies depending on the destination and shipping provider. It typically ranges from a few days to a week.

Q: Can I schedule a specific delivery time?

A: Many shipping services offer options for scheduled deliveries, especially for time-sensitive shipments. Additional fees may apply for this service.

Q: What should I do if my package is damaged upon arrival?

A: If your package arrives damaged, contact the shipping company immediately and follow their instructions for filing a claim. It's important to keep all packaging materials for inspection.

Q: Are there shipping options for large or heavy items?

A: Yes, many shipping services offer freight shipping options for large or heavy items. Freight shipping is suitable for items that exceed the size and weight limits of standard parcel services.

Q: Can I change the delivery address after the package has been shipped?

A: It may be possible to change the delivery address, but it depends on the shipping service's policies and the status of the package. Contact the shipping company as soon as possible to inquire about address changes.

About Brooklyn Shipping Services

Which are the Top 10 Best Shipping Services in Brooklyn, New York?

1) Sunset International Shipping

Sunset International Shipping stands out as a renowned name among Shipping Services in Brooklyn. Sunset International Shipping positions itself as a versatile entity renowned for offering an extensive array of services, aimed at streamlining the relocation experience. The organization’s team specializes in packing, unpacking, and the provision of secure storage solutions. An all-encompassing spectrum of relocation needs is catered to, encompassing air freight, ocean freight, door-to-door, and door-to-port shipment, along with dedicated overseas vehicle shipment services.The organization’s adept representatives are readily accessible to address inquiries and navigate clients through the entirety of the relocation process. In an effort to ensure the safety and security of transported items, Sunset International Shipping provides essential moving supplies, including boxes, tape, and padding. Furthermore, the organization aids clients in establishing a reasonable budget for their relocation, underpinned by a commitment to transparent, flat pricing devoid of concealed fees.

2) AIB Express Online

AIB Express Logistics business located in Manhattan, NYC offers international and domestic valuables shipping services coupled with insurance products. Whether you are a small entrepreneur or represent a large corporation, AIB has broad knowledge and a variety of solutions designed to handle your logistics needs, help you grow your business, and provide improved service to your customers. AIB Express Logistics is providing clients with top level service based on our executive team’s 40 years of experience in the valuables logistic and secure transportation industries. Their unique and versatile services are tailored to each client: its shipments, complex inventory management, and insurance needs. They use expertise coupled with great corporate relationships to help make your shipping, insurance and logistics experience as easy and seamless as could be.

3) NY International Shipping

NY International Shipping is dedicated to delivering top-notch shipping services to its customers. The company offers competitive rates for both air freight and ocean freight options, determined by the size of the shipment. With a team boasting years of experience in international moving, NY International Shipping is committed to ensuring a stress-free moving experience for its clients. The company recognizes the challenges of moving and collaborates closely with clients to customize a combination of services to suit their individual requirements. Whether the move is to or from any country, NY International Shipping is steadfast in its mission to facilitate a seamless and uncomplicated relocation process. For international moving needs, NY International Shipping is the preferred choice.

4) NYC Package Drop Off

NYC Package Drop Off is a package drop-off service provider that offers convenience to those who want to avoid trips to drop off their packages for UPS, USPS, and FedEx. They provide a hassle-free service where customers can bring their packages to their location, and they will ensure that the packages are dropped off at the appropriate carrier for a small convenience fee. In addition to package drop-off services, NYC Package Drop Off also provides package acceptance services. You can easily reach out to them via call or message to learn more about their services.

5) American Shipping & Logistics Inc

American Shipping & Logistics Inc stands as a dedicated provider of professional ocean and air freight services, inland customs clearance, and seamless door-to-door delivery. Their management philosophy is firmly rooted in the pursuit of enhanced customer service through the strategic segmentation of their services. The corporate culture at American Shipping & Logistics Inc is characterized by flexibility, diversity, and advancement. Their overarching objective revolves around the establishment of a dependable, professional, and efficient shipping forwarder. Over the years, they have evolved into an international and domestic entity that has garnered the trust and backing of esteemed international and domestic players within the transportation industry. At ASL, a steadfast commitment is directed towards meeting a comprehensive spectrum of shipping needs, from the point of origin to the ultimate destination. Since their inception, American Shipping & Logistics Inc has consistently demonstrated a reputation for safety, reliability, and a commitment to quality-driven forwarding. As proud members of the World Cargo Alliance, their expansive global network spans across the globe, ensuring the ability to deliver freight to virtually any corner of the world. Recognizing the distinct transportation and logistics challenges that each business faces, American Shipping & Logistics Inc adopts a tailored approach. Their focus remains resolutely on delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of individual companies. American Shipping & Logistics Inc offers an array of comprehensive service plans meticulously crafted to align with specific needs and objectives.

6) Best 4 Shipping inc

Best 4 Shipping Inc, situated in Queens, New York, boasts an impressive legacy of over four decades within the industry, delivering an extensive array of ocean freight services. Their specialization encompasses the efficient shipment of diverse commodities via various transportation modes, including RO-RO, LCL, FCL, Bulk, and more, catering predominantly to the West African region. The company’s expansive transportation network is a testament to their capabilities, with a team of dedicated professionals wholeheartedly devoted to fulfilling a diverse range of transportation requirements. With a comprehensive understanding of the distinct nuances inherent to serving the West African region, Best 4 Shipping Inc remains steadfastly committed to delivering exceptional service that impeccably aligns with the distinct needs of their esteemed clientele.

7) Global Shipping

Global Shipping is a distinguished company that offers a secure and dependable storage facility for various items. They provide comprehensive insurance coverage and bonded services, guaranteeing the utmost safety and safeguarding of possessions. Their suite of consolidation services enables access to the most competitive shipping rates, both for sea and air transportation. Leveraging their extensive expertise and a robust network of partners, Global Shipping has fostered a distinct partnership with prominent ports in the Caribbean and other regions. This unique affiliation underpins a service of unparalleled excellence and dependability. The company excels in comprehending the intricate dynamics of international shipping and is steadfast in its commitment to assisting clients in the secure and efficient transportation of personal effects or commercial merchandise to their desired destinations.

8) Unishippers Global Logistics, LLC

Unishippers, situated in Brooklyn, NY, provides an array of shipping services, including Domestic Express, International Express, Ground, Next Flight Out, Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Truck Freight (LTL and TL), as well as Domestic & International Mailing Services. The company’s aim is to extend improved rates and services for shipping to small and medium-sized businesses. Unishippers employs an approach where each of its 135 franchises dedicates their efforts to a unique focus: furnishing a comprehensive shipping solution encompassing a diverse range of carriers. This solution ensures convenient and stress-free shipping at rates typically reserved for larger shippers, setting Unishippers apart from its competitors in this market segment.

9) Atlantic Logistics Inc

Atlantic Logistics emerges as a distinguished customhouse broker and preeminent freight forwarder, with its base of operations situated in Brooklyn, NY. The company specializes in navigating the intricacies inherent to forwarding a diverse array of shipments, encompassing categories such as apparel, perishables, electronics, and marble & stone. Facilitated by an expansive global agent network and cutting-edge information technology, Atlantic Logistics is primed to deliver genuine door-to-door service and streamlined supply chain management, addressing the demands of today’s intricate logistics landscape. The comprehensive suite of offerings provided by Atlantic Logistics includes air freight, ocean freight, full containers/LCL, project shipments, refrigerated cargo, oversize/overweight cargo, hazardous materials, letters of credit, import & export routing, customs tariffs & regulations, as well as marine insurance & surety bonds.

10) Easy Print Pack & Ship

Easy Print Pack & Ship is a trusted source for various business services in New York, NY. Conveniently located at 201 Allen St, their team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to delivering excellent customer care. Whether you need printing, packing, or shipping services, they have got you covered. They pride themselves on providing tailored solutions that save you time and money, without compromising on quality. With their expertise and personalized approach, Easy Print Pack & Ship is your one-stop-shop for all your business needs.