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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find the top personal injury lawyers in Manhattan on NewYorkLists.com?

A: To find the top personal injury lawyers in Manhattan on NewYorkLists.com, follow these simple steps:
1. Visit the NewYorkLists.com website.
2. Navigate to the "Personal Injury Lawyers" section or use the search bar to look for lawyers specializing in personal injury cases in Manhattan.
3. Browse through the list of top-rated personal injury lawyers and read their profiles, experience, and client reviews.
4. Choose a personal injury lawyer that best fits your case and contact them directly to schedule a consultation.

Q: What types of personal injury cases do the top lawyers handle?

A: The top personal injury lawyers listed on NewYorkLists.com have experience handling a wide range of personal injury cases, including but not limited to:
- Car Accidents
- Slip and Fall Injuries
- Medical Malpractice
- Workplace Accidents
- Product Liability
- Wrongful Death
- Nursing Home Abuse
- Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Q: How do I hire a personal injury lawyer from NewYorkLists.com?

A: Hiring a personal injury lawyer from NewYorkLists.com is a straightforward process:
1. Review the profiles of personal injury lawyers to find one with relevant experience and expertise in handling cases similar to yours.
2. Visit the lawyer's website or contact them directly using the provided email or phone number.
3. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss the details of your case and learn about the lawyer's approach to handling personal injury claims.

Q: Are the personal injury lawyers on NewYorkLists.com experienced and reputable?

A: Yes, the personal injury lawyers listed on NewYorkLists.com are carefully vetted for their experience and reputation. We curate our listings to include reputable lawyers who have a proven track record of successfully representing clients in personal injury cases. You can trust that these lawyers have the expertise to handle your case with professionalism and diligence.

Q: How much do personal injury lawyers charge for their services?

A: The fees charged by personal injury lawyers can vary. Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if they win your case, and their fee is a percentage of the settlement or award. It's important to discuss the fee structure and any potential additional costs during your initial consultation with the lawyer.

Q: What should I bring to the initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer?

A: To make the most of your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer, consider bringing the following documents and information:
- Details of the accident or incident, including dates, times, and locations
- Any police reports or incident reports
- Medical records and bills related to your injuries
- Insurance information
- Photos or videos of the accident scene and your injuries
- Contact information for any witnesses
- Any correspondence you have had with insurance companies or other parties involved in the case

Q: How long do personal injury cases typically take to resolve?

A: The timeline for resolving a personal injury case can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the case, the extent of the injuries, and the willingness of the parties to reach a settlement. Some cases may be resolved within a few months, while others can take a year or more to reach a resolution. Your personal injury lawyer can provide you with a better estimate of the timeline based on the specifics of your case.

About Manhattan Personal Injury Attorneys

Which are the Top 10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Manhattan, NY?

1) The Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel, LLC

The Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel, LLC stands out as a renowned name among Personal Injury Attorneys in Manhattan. The Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel is a highly regarded law firm boasting a substantial 25-year tenure in serving clients across the New York City region. Their team of adept personal injury attorneys specializes in a diverse spectrum of cases encompassing car accidents, construction accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, wrongful death, subway accidents, and workplace accidents. The firm has a notable track record, having effectively secured millions of dollars in financial compensation for their clients, thus garnering national acclaim for their steadfast commitment to upholding justice.Whether advocating for the rights of injured individuals or championing the cause of bereaved families impacted by negligence, the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel is resolutely devoted to furnishing exceptional legal representation and attaining optimal outcomes for their clients.

2) Law Offices of Scott R. Housenbold

The Scott R Housenbold Law Firm is committed to safeguarding the rights of victims who have sustained injuries as a result of the negligence of others. Situated in Manhattan, New York, the firm acknowledges the potentially traumatic nature of accidents causing injuries. Consequently, it extends adept legal representation to aid in asserting your entitlement to rightful compensation. The firm’s objective revolves around securing the most favorable outcomes for both you and your family, and it dedicates extensive efforts towards attaining maximum recompense on behalf of its clients. Whether the injury originates from a car accident, slip and fall incident, nursing home mishap, or a case of medical malpractice, you can place trust in the firm’s guidance as you navigate through this challenging phase of your life. For a comprehensive consultation with one of the firm’s accomplished attorneys, don’t hesitate to reach out to them today.

3) Darger Errante Yavitz & Blau LLP

Darger Errante Yavitz & Blau is a highly respected law firm with a consistent record of recognition from prestigious publications, including Forbes, New York magazine, U.S. News & World Report for Best Law Firms/Best Lawyers, and Super Lawyers magazine. The firm’s achievements include being honored as the Best Boutique Litigation Firm in the USA, with a notable emphasis on female ownership, constituting two-thirds of the firm. Darger Errante Yavitz & Blau’s clientele encompasses Fortune 500 corporations spanning sectors such as automotive, construction, electrical, energy, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and safety equipment. Their attorneys are widely acknowledged for their proficiency and accomplishments in managing intricate mass tort claims, product liability suits, and commercial disputes on behalf of major corporations, small enterprises, and individuals. Drawing from their extensive backgrounds at prominent international law firms, the team is adept at applying a comprehensive “big firm” approach across all aspects of their practice while delivering cost-effective resolutions for their clients.

4) Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum P.C.

Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum operates as a personal injury law firm situated in Manhattan, NYC. The firm boasts specialization across diverse practice areas, encompassing Personal Injury, Bicycle Accidents, Car Accidents, Construction Accidents Mass Torts, Medical Malpractice, Motorcycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Premises Liability, Slip & Fall, Subway Accidents, Train Accidents, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death, and Workplace Accidents. Their team extends representation to clients throughout the New York City region, which includes Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, as well as Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. Drawing upon an extensive 40-year legacy, Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum has solidified its reputation through referrals and word of mouth. The firm has amassed a lifetime of favorable case outcomes and contented clients. Their commitment to serving New Yorkers adversely affected by negligence remains a source of pride and dedication.

5) Sokolove Law LLC

Founded in 1979 by Jim Sokolove, Sokolove Law aims to assist individuals from diverse backgrounds in pursuing personal injury claims and attaining rightful compensation. The firm offers a dedicated team of attorneys, paralegals, and case managers to clients, all without requiring upfront costs. Sokolove Law maintains a standard of respect and dignity for each client, recognizing the physical, emotional, and financial challenges posed by personal injuries to individuals and their families. The firm is resolute in ensuring equitable access to the civil justice system, irrespective of ethnicity or income level. With a commitment to revolutionizing the approach to legal services, Sokolove Law seeks to provide exceptional quality of representation and service to all clients.

6) Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP

For those who have experienced a severe injury or have a loved one in a similar situation, Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP offers adept legal representation in New York City. Their team comprises proficient personal injury lawyers who are dedicated to championing your cause. With a documented history of securing substantial compensation for their clients, the firm is steadfast in their commitment to achieving favorable outcomes. Specializing in various areas of practice, including personal injury, wrongful death, car and motorcycle accidents, slip and fall incidents, asbestos or mesothelioma law, premises liability, and more, Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP is a reliable and devoted legal resource. Those seeking dependable and unwavering legal guidance can arrange a free consultation with their law office.

7) Hill & Moin LLP

Hill & Moin LLP, situated in Manhattan, is a reputable law firm with a rich history spanning over 40 years. The firm’s accomplished legal professionals have been providing their expertise to victims of personal injury. They have been involved in a diverse array of cases, including traumatic brain injuries, auto and truck accidents, nursing and hospital related injuries, wrongful death suits, construction accidents, medical malpractice, transportation accidents, police brutality, and various other types of severe personal injury cases. The team is unwavering in their commitment to advocating for the rights of their clients and ensuring that they obtain the rightful compensation they deserve. Individuals who have experienced a personal injury, along with their loved ones, are encouraged to initiate contact with Hill & Moin LLP to arrange a complimentary consultation.

8) Motley Rice LLC

Motley Rice LLC is a highly regarded plaintiffs’ litigation firm with a national reputation, possessing extensive experience and active engagement in intricate litigation, trials, and resolutions spanning diverse practice areas. The firm’s specialized fields of proficiency encompass Anti-Terrorism, Antitrust, Asbestos Exposure, Aviation, Consumer Fraud Protection, Human Rights, Medical Devices, Medical Drugs, Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, Public Client representation, Securities Class Actions, Toxic Exposure, Transportation, Whistleblower claims, and more. The firm acknowledges the profound impact that legal proceedings can have on individuals’ lives, and consequently approaches each case with compassion and consideration. Motley Rice LLC’s team of attorneys and support personnel is devoted to providing clients with guidance and support throughout the legal journey, striving to alleviate their burdens. Irrespective of the duration or complexity of the litigation process, the firm remains unwavering in its commitment to advocating for clients and providing steadfast support at every juncture.

9) Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf

We are Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf, a New York City-based law firm that provides legal representation for personal injury cases. Our team specializes in a broad range of areas, including medical malpractice, wrongful death, construction accidents, car accidents, and more. We represent clients who are victims of bus, truck, subway, train, airplane, and school accidents, as well as those who have suffered due to premises and product liability, nursing home neglect and abuse, and clergy and sexual abuse. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our clients and have decades of experience serving various localities, including New York City, Essex County, and Westchester County.

10) Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C.

Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. is a New York City-based law firm specializing in personal injury, medical malpractice, construction accidents, and wrongful death cases. The firm’s objective is to deliver high-quality legal services to families impacted by the negligence of others. With a proven track record of securing verdicts and settlements surpassing $900 million, the experienced team of attorneys concentrates on significant personal injury and medical malpractice matters. The firm manages cases spanning across New York and New Jersey and is guided by Past Presidents of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, namely Gersowitz and Korek. Additionally, the firm has garnered numerous professional distinctions, including acknowledgment by Best Lawyers® as one of the premier law firms in the United States.