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Which are the Top 10 Best Filming Companies in Bronx, New York?

1) GUM Studios

GUM Studios stands out as a renowned name among Filming Companies in Bronx. Established in 2008, GUM Studios stands as a Level-2 QPF and WMBE-certified production facility owned by women. Operating from two strategically situated locations, namely Long Island City, Queens, and Sunset Park, Brooklyn, GUM Studios offers premier venues catering to diverse needs, including feature films, commercials, TV productions, photography, music videos, and events. Beyond its stages, GUM Studios extends its services to encompass a comprehensive equipment rental house. The extensive inventory features top-tier lighting units, encompassing tungsten, HMI, Kino, LED, and Profoto options, to ensure impeccable lighting for each project.GUM Studios prides itself on a seasoned team of professionals who are dedicated to providing unparalleled support and service, ensuring that each project receives the utmost attention and expertise. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and customer contentment, clients can trust GUM Studios to transform their creative visions into reality. Notably, GUM Studios actively participates in the New York State Film Production Tax Credit Program, an initiative offering substantial tax credits to eligible productions. For inquiries and bookings, interested parties are encouraged to contact GUM Studios at 718-350-8694.

2) Atlantic Pictures

Atlantic Pictures stands as an Emmy-nominated creative content studio and production enterprise, operating out of the vibrant landscape of New York City. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has fostered collaborations with renowned studios, a list that includes esteemed names such as HBO and Netflix. Notably, Atlantic Pictures has unveiled its cinematic creations at esteemed film festivals of global repute, such as TIFF and Sundance. The company’s distinct realm of specialization encompasses the production of premium video content tailored for brands, encomapssing diverse formats ranging from documentaries and profiles to testimonials, explainers, and promotional films. The company orchestrates the entire creative journey, spanning from the initial concept through to post-production. Additionally, Atlantic Pictures extends its capabilities to encompass physical production services and efficient back-office support for fellow studios. Leveraging its extensive expertise and substantial experience, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver superlative content that effectively engages and captivates audiences.

3) Melty Cone Video

Melty Cone operates as a New York City-based video production company that extends its expertise in video marketing services to a diverse array of entities spanning companies, businesses, agencies, brands, organizations, nonprofits, and startups across varied industries. The company’s comprehensive spectrum of offerings encompasses the creation of commercials, corporate presentations, marketing content, social media campaigns, digital materials, animated features, explainer videos, educational pieces, internal communications, customer testimonials, tutorials, and mobile-focused productions. A key focal point lies in crafting videos optimized for prominent social media platforms, encompassing YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok. Furthermore, the company caters to video requirements spanning web platforms, mobile applications, television broadcasts, email distributions, and live events. Melty Cone stands as a full-service video production enterprise, diligently managing each facet of the creative process, commencing from the inception of innovative ideas to the ultimate delivery of finalized video content. The company’s portfolio is defined by captivating, instructive, and aesthetically pleasing marketing videos, strategically designed to empower businesses in their efforts to captivate and engage a broader spectrum of stakeholders. This includes customers, clients, investors, employees, and donors, all of whom are pivotal in driving the growth and success of the enterprises they support.

4) 718 Studios

718 Studios emerges as a comprehensive destination poised to cater to an array of production requisites. Nestled within the vibrant confines of Brooklyn, New York, the studio proffers an extensive array of services tailored to accommodate diverse production demands. These encompass photo studios and film stages, as well as encompassing the spectrum of lighting, grip, and electric rentals, production supplies, and expendables. The studios’ avant-garde facilities have played host to an extensive roster of productions spanning various genres, including but not limited to films, commercials, webisodes, music videos, product shoots, advertising endeavors, editorial photo shoots, and an eclectic range of creative ventures. The studio’s seasoned roster of professionals stands prepared to collaboratively navigate the creative process, fortified by a resolute dedication to ensuring client contentment. With a firm resolve to actualize the artistic vision, 718 Studios extends a versatile spectrum of solutions. Whether the requirement pertains to an ideal space for a photoshoot or a meticulously furnished film stage, the studio boasts a wealth of resources and a depth of expertise to effectively facilitate the attainment of diverse production aspirations.

5) The Documentary Group

The Documentary Group emerges as a widely acclaimed production company rooted in the dynamic hub of New York. The core ethos of the company revolves around a profound regard for the discerning intellect, inquisitiveness, and unwavering integrity of its audience. Originating in 2006 under the guidance of a team comprised of seasoned producers hailing from ABC News, The Documentary Group has steadily ascended to prominence as a preeminent purveyor of premium non-fiction content. The company’s creative scope encompasses the crafting of both limited and ongoing series, feature-length documentaries, and a diverse array of branded and digital content. The annals of The Documentary Group are richly adorned with noteworthy achievements, including the distinction of securing two Academy Award nominations, in addition to a multifarious array of esteemed accolades such as the Peabody, DuPont, Gabriel, Emmy, and Polk awards. In the present day, The Documentary Group stands resolute at the forefront of the non-fiction domain, leveraging its extensive expertise to collaborate with an expansive array of creative partners and accomplished talent. A hallmark of the company’s endeavors lies in the relentless pursuit of innovation, ceaselessly conceiving and cultivating pioneering projects that push the boundaries of conventional documentary storytelling.

6) 610FILM

610FILM emerges as an esteemed art-house film production company, marked by its inception by Svetlana and Saint Clair Cemin. Situated within the vibrant realm of Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, the company’s establishment in 2015 heralded a resolute mission to encapsulate distinctive manifestations of creativity. The endeavor manifests through the documentation of diverse art forms and artists. Encompassing a collective of accomplished and burgeoning creatives hailing from global origins, the team unites in collaborative efforts that span a diverse gamut of projects. This portfolio encompasses a rich tapestry of creations, ranging from short films and art documentaries to experimental and feature-length cinematic ventures. Among the extensive list of accomplishments stand several award-winning productions, exemplified by titles such as “Saint Clair Cemin,” “Psyche,” “Father Arsenie,” “Adam Fuss,” “A Landscape of Imagination,” “Metamorphosis,” “Madeleine Hatz,” “A Royal Vagabond,” “BURN,” and “Laura Kaplan, Love is All that Matters,” among others. Rooted in an unwavering dedication to embracing novel avenues of storytelling, 610FILM introduces an innovative and distinct perspective within the realm of independent cinema.

7) Twenty2 Films

Established in 2002, (twenty) two films emerges as a notable entity renowned for its adeptness in crafting captivating narratives underscored by superior production quality. The company’s roster encompasses a team of seasoned writers, directors, cinematographers, and editors, who engage in collaborative endeavors with clientele to materialize their creative visions. The diverse spectrum of clients spans from prominent brands to independent filmmakers, with (twenty) two films having successfully orchestrated content creation across an array of platforms, encompassing television broadcasts, film festivals, and the dynamic landscape of social media. Anchored in an unwavering commitment to upholding excellence and pioneering innovative approaches, (twenty) two films has consistently fostered a reputation as a purveyor of outstanding outcomes across the breadth of its projects.

8) XCON Productions

XCON Productions emerges as a prominent television and film production entity headquartered within the vibrant borough of Brooklyn. The company stands recognized for its prowess in curating cinematic entertainment curated to resonate across a diverse spectrum of platforms. XCON Productions specializes in the creation of a versatile portfolio, encompassing both documentary and scripted content meticulously tailored for network, cable, and premium streaming services. Guided by an unwavering passion for delving into historical narratives, scrutinizing contemporary paradigms, and ensnaring audiences with narratives of profound impact, XCON Productions dedicates its endeavors to the formulation of thought-provoking content designed to elicit deep resonance among viewers. A team endowed with seasoned experience and innate talent stands poised to realize the company’s vision, facilitating the delivery of exceptional productions characterized by a compelling engagement and a profound inspirational quotient.

9) Steiner Studios

Steiner Studios presents a substantial production and support facility nested within the Brooklyn Navy Yard, inaugurated in November 2004. The expansive expanse of 780,000 square feet heralds the advent of the first Hollywood-style establishment of its nature in the city of New York. The studio’s conception was meticulously tailored to cater to the requisites of producers and facility operators hailing from Los Angeles, synergizing with the creative prowess of top-tier artistic talent native to New York. Within the precincts of Steiner Studios, patrons encounter a comprehensive, cutting-edge “production factory” teeming with capabilities, purposefully poised to facilitate end-to-end production endeavors encompassing television series, major cinematic ventures, independent films, broadcast commercials, photoshoots, and music videos. A remarkable thirty soundstages grace the complex, inclusive of the largest of its kind on the Eastern Seaboard, spanning 27,000 square feet. The layout further includes ample office spaces, auxiliary facilities, and a generous allocation of on-site parking. Earning distinction as the most expansive and sophisticated studio complex beyond the realms of Hollywood, Steiner Studios entices luminaries of the industry, beckoning some of the most eminent names within its folds.

10) Grow Film Production

Grow Film Production emerges as a distinguished entity based in Brooklyn, boasting a formidable legacy spanning two decades within the dynamic realm of the filming industry. The company artfully intertwines its expansive reservoir of expertise with a boundless wellspring of creativity, with a resolute mission of aiding clients in the attainment of their objectives. Nonetheless, it is the distinctive attributes of its work ethic and an unwavering commitment to transcend conventional boundaries that serve to elevate Grow Film Production to a league of its own. Comprehending the pivotal role played by branding, advertising, and marketing, the company adeptly orchestrates their seamless integration into the intricate tapestry of production and post-production processes. With a steadfast focus on meticulous planning, prudent budgeting, meticulous coordination, and judicious decision-making, Grow Film Production stands as a paragon of excellence, consistently delivering triumphant outcomes that resonate deeply with its esteemed clientele.