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1) American Movie Company, LLC

American Movie Company, LLC stands out as a renowned name among Explainer Video Companies in Manhattan. The American Movie Company has firmly established itself as a prominent provider of video production services, a legacy rooted in its inception in 1996 under the guidance of Emmy Award-winning Bill Milling. Operating as an encompassing solution for diverse video production requisites, the company extends an extensive array of green screen and white screen cyclorama studios, meticulously tailored to accommodate a wide spectrum of budgetary considerations. Spanning the five boroughs of New York City, the company’s assortment of sound stages encompasses several locations, including the expansive Astoria studio measuring 35′ by 70′, as well as the Chelsea North studio nestled within the heart of Midtown Manhattan.The company’s adept team comprises accomplished producers, writers, directors of photography, CGI artists, video crews, and editors, collectively collaborating to translate your creative vision into reality with uncompromising quality, all while maintaining adherence to financial parameters. The company’s steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service is reflected in its unwavering dedication to fostering a seamless and stress-free environment for its esteemed clientele.Whether the aspiration involves the creation of a commercial, a corporate video, a feature film, or any other genre of video content, The American Movie Company possesses the requisite expertise and resources to cater to distinct requirements. The spectrum of services offered spans pre-production planning, scriptwriting, filming, post-production, and distribution. Bolstered by years of industry experience and an unwavering emphasis on innovation and excellence, The American Movie Company stands as a trusted collaborator to fulfill a diverse array of video production needs.

2) Prosper Digital TV

Prosper Digital TV specializes in a comprehensive array of digital marketing and video production services. The company’s headquarters are situated in Brooklyn, NY, serving as a collaborative hub where the team interfaces with clientele to meticulously orchestrate video strategies encompassing scripting, storyboarding, and scheduling. Employing a versatile repertoire of techniques spanning editing, animation, sound design, titling, and motion graphics, the company is resolutely committed to the creation of captivating narratives. Clients are afforded the convenience of an online editing workflow that facilitates review and feedback incorporation, while the option to participate in the process directly at the studio is equally available. Within Prosper Digital TV, a dynamic collective of creative professionals converges, comprising directors, producers, cinematographers, photographers, editors, writers, and marketers, all operating in tandem to unearth novel and inventive methods of narrative storytelling. The company is characterized by an unwavering zeal for assisting clients in the realms of education, transformation, and inspiration, steadfastly striving to foster connections with audiences. The team eagerly anticipates the prospect of cultivating a collaborative partnership for the realization of your forthcoming project.

3) Little Monster Films

Little Monster Films stands as a distinguished production company rooted in the vibrant realm of New York City. Its inception is attributed to the creative visionaries Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, both of whom have earned the prestigious honor of Academy Award recognition. The company’s primary mission is rooted in the noble endeavor of presenting captivating and motivational narratives to a global audience, encompassing a rich tapestry of both documentary and scripted ventures. Renowned for its distinctive hallmark of visually captivating and character-driven storytelling, the enterprise stands unwaveringly committed to the portrayal of remarkable accomplishments achieved by individuals and communities alike. Beyond the realm of filmmaking, Little Monster Films extends its influence to encompass outreach initiatives and educational programs, thereby contributing to the nurturing and advancement of aspiring filmmakers while fostering heightened social and environmental awareness. Inclusive of its overarching emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, the enterprise fervently embraces the aspiration of mirroring the intricate and multifaceted nature of the world within the tapestry of its creations. With its indomitable spirit and creative prowess, Little Monster Films remains resolute in its pursuit of translating inspiring stories into poignant and impactful cinematic experiences.

4) TrueFilm Production

True Film Production specializes in the creation of live video, animation, and video marketing strategies meticulously tailored to effectively convey clients’ narratives across every facet of their events, conferences, or trade shows. The company’s exclusive four-step video production methodology has been meticulously designed to maximize the value and yield the highest returns from video investments. This approach guarantees the creation of top-tier cinematic videos, catering comprehensively to virtual events, conferences, or corporate gatherings. The range spans from pre-event strategizing to post-event promotion, encompassing all facets of marketing, storytelling, and strategic implementation. The company maintains a dedicated commitment to crafting captivating and impactful videos that deeply resonate with the intended audiences of their clients. Close collaboration is cultivated with clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their objectives and aspirations, subsequently devising tailored solutions to fulfill their distinctive requisites. Whether the ambition revolves around live video streaming for events, the creation of animated explainer videos, or the development of a comprehensive video marketing strategy, True Film Production stands poised to harness its expertise and experience to deliver outstanding outcomes. True Film Production firmly espouses the belief that every client merits individualized attention, unparalleled quality, and a team driven by the dedication to manifest their creative visions. The company’s proven video production process is a testament to its capacity to generate high-quality videos that consistently exceed expectations while providing exceptional value. Regardless of organizational size, True Film Production remains resolutely committed to delivering the utmost level of service and quality, steadfastly assisting clients in their pursuit of achieving their objectives.

5) Sinema Films LLC

Sinema Films emerges as a prominent video production enterprise, encompassing operational bases in both New York and Los Angeles. The company’s accomplished team has forged collaborations with a myriad of brands and advertising agencies, consistently delivering outstanding content tailored for television broadcasts and social media dissemination. The studio’s distinctive hallmark is embodied in its mesmerizing storytelling techniques and visually captivating aesthetics. Sinema Films stands distinguished in its ability to furnish invaluable insights into cutting-edge marketing strategies, thereby facilitating brands in the cultivation of a distinctive voice that commands attention amid the cacophony of contemporary media. The company’s clientele spans the global expanse, with dedicated team members who exemplify diligence and unwavering commitment. These professionals frequently extend their efforts beyond standard hours, adeptly navigating time zone disparities to ensure the delivery of exemplary outcomes.

6) Thought Media

Thought Media New York is a NYC-based digital agency specializing in web design and development, as well as a wide range of other digital services. Their services include custom web design, WordPress design, eCommerce website design, software development, hosting and maintenance, mobile app development, logo design and branding, toll-free business services, web and data scraping, online payment processing, marketing services, search engine optimization, internet marketing services, animated explainer videos, Instagram management, and content writing and narration. With a team of experienced professionals, Thought Media New York is committed to delivering high-quality services to help businesses achieve their goals and grow online.

7) Atlantic Pictures

Atlantic Pictures stands as an Emmy-nominated creative content studio and production enterprise, operating out of the vibrant landscape of New York City. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has fostered collaborations with renowned studios, a list that includes esteemed names such as HBO and Netflix. Notably, Atlantic Pictures has unveiled its cinematic creations at esteemed film festivals of global repute, such as TIFF and Sundance. The company’s distinct realm of specialization encompasses the production of premium video content tailored for brands, encomapssing diverse formats ranging from documentaries and profiles to testimonials, explainers, and promotional films. The company orchestrates the entire creative journey, spanning from the initial concept through to post-production. Additionally, Atlantic Pictures extends its capabilities to encompass physical production services and efficient back-office support for fellow studios. Leveraging its extensive expertise and substantial experience, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver superlative content that effectively engages and captivates audiences.

8) Astoria Films Inc

Astoria Films emerges as an independent film and television studio situated within the bustling expanse of New York City, boasting a prolific trajectory in content production commencing from 1997. The studio excels in the intricate art of formulating and cultivating feature films and television series, tailored for expansive global distribution across diverse platforms. Presently, the studio orchestrates the evolution of a robust portfolio exceeding 30 feature films in development, including a contemporary rendition of the Italian post-war masterpiece, Umberto D. Notably, the television division, operating under the banner of Basement Studios, embarks on the pre-production phase of 10 original pilots. Astoria Films nurtures robust affiliations with a range of prominent motion picture studios and distributors both within the U.S. and across the European landscape. Of recent acclaim, Astoria Films stands as a co-producer for its latest feature, “STEALING CHANEL,” featuring a cast comprising Adam Lavorgna, Lydia Hearst, Margaret Colin, John Rothman, and Carol Alt. This compelling cinematic creation has garnered recognition, having been procured by Lifetime Television for comprehensive global distribution. The visionary force behind Astoria Films is Roy Carlo, assuming the dual role of founder and instrumental figure in the capacity of writer and producer across several projects. The studio’s operational echelons also encompass James La Vita, entrusted with the oversight of Motion Picture Development and Production, while Joe Shapiro steers the helm of the Television Division. Tom Kelly, in turn, presides as the Vice President of Talent and Media Relations, lending his expertise to enhance the studio’s public and industry engagements.

9) BuzzFlick

Buzzflick specializes in the art of transforming intricate concepts into visually captivating animated videos designed to generate excitement. The animation studio, based in New York City, was established in 2016 and has since concentrated its efforts on producing an array of animated video styles, including whiteboard animations, explainer videos, corporate videos, and marketing videos. These offerings cater to a diverse spectrum of businesses, spanning from startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) to large-scale enterprises. The studio’s overarching mission revolves around harnessing cutting-edge technologies and tools to craft impactful digital visuals that facilitate businesses in reaching their maximum potential. An unwavering commitment is directed towards ensuring the delivery of meticulously detailed, impeccable, and aesthetically pleasing animated videos. Distinguishing itself as a 2D animation enterprise, Buzzflick empowers brands through the provision of premium video animation services, propelling them to a standout position within their respective markets. The team at Buzzflick is dedicated to producing exceptional output that surpasses the expectations of clients while yielding tangible business outcomes. As a prominent entity among animated explainer video providers, the company has refined its expertise over numerous years and remains steadfast in its pledge to deliver optimal service quality to its esteemed clientele.

10) Simba Productions

Simba Productions emerges as a seasoned entity boasting 41 years of prowess in corporate video production, strategically stationed within the vibrant landscape of New York City. The company boasts an extensive portfolio comprising thousands of videos meticulously crafted for a diverse clientele spanning from burgeoning startups to renowned entities the likes of Google, Paramount Pictures, and IBM. The company’s proficiency extends across a spectrum encompassing commercial, promotional, educational, legal, musical, and non-profit videos, in addition to event coverage and crowd funding initiatives. Notably, the company has recently attained the milestone of successfully concluding its inaugural feature film, “Extra Innings,” a significant testament to its array of achievements.