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About Brooklyn Design Agencies

Which are the Top 10 Best Design Agencies in Brooklyn, New York?

1) Makeable

Makeable stands out as a renowned name among Design Agencies in Brooklyn. Makeable is a New York Based One Part Agency & Consultancy Providing Branding, Designing , UX & Advertising Solutions . Makeable is built on and for collaboration. They catalyze innovation that addresses their clients’ and partners’ strategic growth initiatives, from product design, to brand development, to digital strategy, experiences and platforms, to advertising and content development. their team is high output Partnership of experienced, senior talent organized to that leads and lives the innovation process from start to finish. They solve problems and create growth opportunities through their commitment to Unconventional Wisdom, their design-thinking approach to innovation strategy, which drives their process–Imagine, Make and Grow.

2) Momentum Design Lab – UI/UX Designers

Momentum Design Lab is a New York Based Digital Design Agency. Founded and managed by UI/UX Designers since 2002, Momentum is a close-knit team of designers based in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and London. They have been designing and building solutions for web, mobile, automobile, TV, consumer electronics and other “Internet of Things” devices. At Momentum Design Lab they help global brands, startups and enterprises use innovation and human-centered design to create meaningful user experiences.