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Which are the Top 10 Best Customs Agencies in Manhattan, NY?

1) Straight Forward CHB, Inc

Straight Forward CHB, Inc stands out as a renowned name among Customs Agencies in Manhattan. Based in New York/New Jersey, Straight Forward Customs Broker is a customs clearance company offering services for all ports in the US. The company specializes in FDA/USDA clearances and has the capability to process time-sensitive entries, ensuring efficient and prompt release. Their door-to-door shipment planning services utilize a global partner network, providing competitive rates for FCL, LCL, and air shipments. Straight Forward Customs Broker has an electronic interface established with U.S. Customs and other government agencies, enabling expedited shipment clearance. The company maintains current knowledge of customs regulatory procedures through ongoing system updates.

2) NYC Customs Broker

NYC Customs Broker is a customs brokerage company located in New York that specializes in aiding importers in maneuvering the intricate process of importing goods into the U.S. The company acts as an intermediary between U.S. Customs & Border Protection and clients’ merchandise, managing requisite paperwork and government agency filings. They offer support in arranging customs exams and providing post-import services, including protests of duty and drawback. Drawing on their proficiency in Customs Laws, NYC Customs Broker endeavors to ensure a streamlined and effective import process for their clients.

3) Gloria S Oh Custom House Brokerage

Gloria S Oh CHB Inc has been a provider of high-quality turn-key services since 1987. Their comprehensive range of services encompasses customs brokerage, in-land transportation, and consultation services to fulfill diverse importation requirements. The team at Gloria S Oh CHB Inc recognizes the criticality of precise, efficient, and responsible goods delivery to their designated destinations. Import specialists within their ranks devise expert strategies that optimize time and financial resources, contributing to valuable savings. Their primary objective is to streamline the importation process, enabling businesses to maintain their core operations without undue stress. Facilitating seamless transportation from port to port and to designated doorsteps, Gloria S Oh CHB Inc orchestrates timely and effective last-mile delivery solutions. Leveraging customs bonds, they expedite and simplify supply chains, ensuring uninterrupted flow of goods through USA ports. Moreover, they uphold strict adherence to US Customs regulations, which serves to economize both time and finances. Key services provided encompass RLF (Remote Location Filing), US Customs Clearance and Delivery, as well as prompt and accurate delivery of commercial and personal imported cargo. Gloria S Oh CHB Inc is dedicated to offering reliable and efficient solutions that consistently surpass client expectations.

4) Dennis Shipping Co Inc

Dennis Shipping Co Inc is a dependable and effective shipping company renowned for delivering services to various destinations throughout the Caribbean and Central America by means of sea transportation. The company employs multiple Ocean Carriers to guarantee the swift arrival of cargo at its intended destination, often within a span of two to three weeks. Their comprehensive suite of services encompasses the collection of barrels, boxes, furniture, appliances, and packages from locations in New York and Florida. Clients have the choice of availing delivery services or opting for drop-off at their warehouse, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Dennis Shipping Co Inc also provides the convenience of a packing service, which is conveniently accessible at their various locations.

5) B Global Logistics Inc

B Global Logistics takes immense pride in their role as a trusted third-party logistics provider, offering seamless cargo transportation solutions. Their comprehensive range of services includes full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) shipping, as well as truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), and air freight forwarding services on a global scale. The team of experts at B Global Logistics possesses in-depth expertise in navigating local trade regulations across key regions such as the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. This expertise proves invaluable in ensuring clients avoid potential penalties and processing delays while ensuring the secure and punctual delivery of their cargo shipments. Recognizing the inherent challenges associated with international import and export of various cargo types, including bulky, time-sensitive, fragile, or high-value items, B Global Logistics offers an array of sea containers. These containers, ranging from 20′ and 40′ foot dry containers to refrigerated, flat-rack, open-top, and high-cube containers, alongside trailer trucks, facilitate seamless transportation from port to door, culminating in efficient last-mile delivery services.

6) Atlantic Logistics Inc

Atlantic Logistics emerges as a distinguished customhouse broker and preeminent freight forwarder, with its base of operations situated in Brooklyn, NY. The company specializes in navigating the intricacies inherent to forwarding a diverse array of shipments, encompassing categories such as apparel, perishables, electronics, and marble & stone. Facilitated by an expansive global agent network and cutting-edge information technology, Atlantic Logistics is primed to deliver genuine door-to-door service and streamlined supply chain management, addressing the demands of today’s intricate logistics landscape. The comprehensive suite of offerings provided by Atlantic Logistics includes air freight, ocean freight, full containers/LCL, project shipments, refrigerated cargo, oversize/overweight cargo, hazardous materials, letters of credit, import & export routing, customs tariffs & regulations, as well as marine insurance & surety bonds.

7) Charter Brokerage LLC

Charter Brokerage operates as a specialized company offering duty-drawback and customs brokerage services in both the US and Canada. The company has developed an internal drawback system and advanced IT solutions to bolster their operations, but their personnel and core values are regarded as the primary drivers behind their achievements. The company maintains a resolute commitment to delivering optimal service to clients, leading to their prominent position as a premier drawback and customs brokerage firm nationally. In addition, Charter Brokerage extends its services to encompass consulting for clients, aiding them in the identification and implementation of cost-saving measures related to import and export compliance. The firm possesses a team of seasoned professionals who remain current with industry regulations and developments, enabling them to offer expert guidance and resolutions to clients.

8) Turamco Lines

Turamco Lines Inc takes great pride in offering comprehensive freight forwarding and NVOCC services from their base in Brooklyn, NY. Their expertise shines in the adept handling of project and break-bulk cargo, alongside the provision of consolidation services for air, rail, and ocean freight forwarding, catering to both domestic and international requirements. With a wealth of experience in cross-trade shipments, Turamco Lines Inc ensures competitive pricing solutions for their valued clientele. The dedicated team at Turamco Lines Inc is well-prepared to manage specialized import and export documentation, which includes crucial ISF and AES filings. Clients can rely on them for dependable cargo and freight tracking and tracing services. Additionally, Turamco Lines Inc excels in the realm of customs clearance and extends their support to encompass cargo insurance, storage and warehousing, and a comprehensive suite of logistics services. Turamco Lines Inc’s extensive range of services encompasses air, rail, ocean, and land cargo transportation, both within the domestic borders and beyond on an international scale.

9) Pier International

Pier International, situated in New York City, is a certified customs broker adept at handling various U.S. Customs & Border Protection trade programs, including ABI, ACE, EIP, and Remote Location Filing. The company holds approval to electronically clear U.S. Customs in all ports nationwide from its headquarters. Additionally, Pier International is sanctioned as an ISF (Importer Security Filers) in accordance with recent U.S. Customs and Federal Regulation requirements (January 26, 2009, 19 CFR 149 and Sec 203 of 2006 Safe Port Act). This signifies that all ocean import shipments destined for the United States must be pre-filled with security information prior to foreign port vessel loading and departure.

10) Sino Pacific Customs Brokerage

Sino Pacific Customs Brokerage Inc. has been delivering import clearance services to businesses within the Port of New York since 1985. The company operates under the guidance of John Duffield, a licensed customshouse broker with more than 30 years of industry experience. Sino Pacific Customs Brokerage Inc. is dedicated to providing the import community with professional and courteous support. Throughout its years of operation, the company has extended its capabilities and knowledge to meet the distinct requirements of its clientele.