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Which are the Top 10 Best Collections Agencies in Brooklyn, New York?

1) NCSPlus Incorporated

NCSPlus Incorporated stands out as a renowned name among Collections Agencies in Brooklyn. NCSPlus Incorporated is a Collection Agency Based in New York. Unlike most collection agencies, NCSPlus charges only a low one-time flat fee of less than $25 per account. No Percentage is Charged. All collected monies are remitted directly to you not to the collection agency, or if you prefer, they will handle all of the debtor contact for the same Low Flat Fee per Account. At your option unpaid accounts are reported to all three national credit reporting bureaus, and if the need arises, we maintain an extensive network of collection attorneys nationwide to bring your cases to final resolution.

2) Lyon Collection Services Inc

Founded in 1876as a family business, Lyon provided credit information and collection services to the Furniture Trade and Kindred Branches. Robert P. Lyon was General Manager and compiler of the Lyon Reference Book for over thirty years.

3) Burt & Associates Collection Agency

Burt and Associates As a Top Debt-Collection Agency in the U.S. has Specialized in Business-Debt Collections since 1979 for over 17,000 clients. They have a detailed Collection Methodology which has been refined over many years of operation. It is designed to guide their Collectors within a structured process — defining what to do within each step, and the order in which to escalate our efforts.