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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What services do casting agencies in Manhattan provide?

A: Top casting agencies in Manhattan offer a range of services for actors and performers, including:
- Audition Opportunities: Providing actors with audition opportunities for various projects, such as films, TV shows, commercials, and theater productions.
- Talent Representation: Representing actors and performers to producers, directors, and casting directors for potential roles.
- Talent Scouting: Discovering new talent and conducting talent searches for specific roles.
- Casting Sessions: Organizing casting sessions where actors audition for specific roles.
- Contract Negotiation: Assisting with contract negotiation and ensuring fair compensation for talent.
- Talent Development: Providing guidance and support to help actors enhance their skills and marketability.

Q: How can actors and performers join a casting agency in Manhattan?

A: Actors and performers can join a casting agency in NYC through the following steps:
- Research: Research reputable casting agencies in Manhattan and their submission guidelines.
- Prepare Materials: Prepare a professional headshot, resume, and demo reel (if available).
- Submit Application: Follow the agency's submission process and submit your materials via their website or email.
- Attend Auditions: If selected, attend auditions and casting sessions organized by the agency.
- Talent Representation: If the agency is interested in representing you, they will offer a talent contract.

Q: Is there a fee to join a casting agency in Manhattan?

A: Reputable casting agencies do not charge actors or performers to join their roster. Legitimate casting agencies earn their revenue by taking a percentage (usually 10-20%) of the actor's earnings from booked projects. Be cautious of agencies that ask for upfront fees or require payment for representation, as these may indicate potential scams.

Q: Can casting agencies help with talent visas for international actors?

A: Yes, many casting agencies in Manhattan have experience with talent visas for international actors. They can assist actors from other countries with obtaining the necessary work visas or artist visas to legally work in the United States for entertainment projects. This process often involves coordinating with immigration authorities and providing the required documentation.

Q: How do casting agencies find the right talent for specific roles?

A: Casting agencies find the right talent for specific roles through a meticulous process that includes:
- Auditions: Organizing auditions where actors perform scenes to showcase their suitability for the role.
- Talent Database: Maintaining a database of actors and performers with different skills and characteristics.
- Talent Scouts: Talent scouts actively search for new talent through showcases, theater productions, and other events.
- Submissions: Reviewing submissions from actors who apply for specific roles through the agency's website or email.

Q: Can casting agencies help actors with professional training and development?

A: Yes, many casting agencies in Manhattan can provide guidance on professional training and development. They may recommend acting classes, workshops, or coaching to enhance actors' skills and prepare them for auditions and roles. Developing a strong skill set can increase an actor's chances of landing desired roles in the entertainment industry.

Q: Do casting agencies work with actors of all experience levels?

A: Yes, casting agencies work with actors of all experience levels. They represent seasoned professionals, emerging talent, and even newcomers seeking their first opportunities in the entertainment industry. Casting agencies aim to match the right actors with the right roles based on talent, suitability, and the project's requirements.

About Manhattan Casting Agencies

Your Path to Stardom: Discover the Top Casting Agencies in Manhattan

Ready to take center stage in the entertainment capital of the world and showcase your talent to the masses? Look no further! We have curated a list of the top casting agencies in Manhattan, where dreams come true, and aspiring talents find their golden opportunities. Whether you are an actor, model, dancer, or musician, these renowned casting agencies can connect you with casting directors and industry professionals who can launch your career.

Why Choose the Top Casting Agencies in Manhattan?

  • 1. Extensive Network: These casting agencies have established relationships with casting directors, producers, and talent scouts across the entertainment industry.
  • 2. Specialized Services: They cater to various fields of the performing arts, ensuring that each talent is matched with the right opportunities for their unique skills.
  • 3. Professional Guidance: The top casting agencies provide valuable guidance and resources to help talents refine their skills, portfolios, and audition techniques.
  • 4. Track Record of Success: Many aspiring talents have kick-started their careers with the support of these agencies, earning roles in movies, TV shows, commercials, and prestigious productions.

Types of Talents Represented by Top Casting Agencies in Manhattan

  1. 1. Actors: Whether its for theater, film, or television, these agencies represent actors of all ages and experience levels.
  2. 2. Models: From runway models to print models, they scout and represent individuals with unique looks and potential.
  3. 3. Dancers: Covering various dance styles, these agencies connect talented dancers with opportunities in the entertainment industry.
  4. 4. Musicians: Singers, musicians, and bands can find representation to showcase their musical talents to a broader audience.
  5. 5. Voice Actors: Those with distinct voices and voice-over skills can find opportunities in animated productions, commercials, and more.

How to Get Started?

  1. 1. Prepare Your Portfolio: Gather your headshots, demo reels, resumes, or any other materials showcasing your talent and experience.
  2. 2. Research and Compare: Explore the top casting agencies in Manhattan, review their rosters, and see if they represent talents in your field.
  3. 3. Submit Your Application: Follow the submission guidelines provided by the agency to apply for representation.
  4. 4. Attend Auditions and Castings: Once accepted, be ready to attend auditions, castings, and callbacks to showcase your skills and make lasting impressions.
  5. 5. Embrace Opportunities: With the support of the top casting agency, embrace the opportunities that come your way and let your talent shine!

Ready to make your mark in the world of entertainment? Partner with the top casting agencies in Manhattan to embark on your journey to stardom and take your talent to new heights!

Which are the Top 10 Best Casting Agencies in Manhattan, NY?

1) NYCastings

NYCastings stands out as a renowned name among Casting Agencies in Manhattan. NYCastings operates as a prominent casting agency renowned for delivering tailored solutions to meet the casting needs of directors, producers, and content creators. The agency’s expansive expertise extends across diverse markets encompassing New York, Los Angeles, Georgia, and beyond. NYCastings specializes in talent recruitment for a wide array of mediums, including television, commercials, theater, and print productions. Its extensive network encompasses SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity Association, and a variety of both union and non-union actors, models, dancers, singers, voice-over artists, and live performers.In addition to facilitating casting calls, NYCastings also offers comprehensive acting classes and showcases designed to empower aspiring actors seeking professional representation. With a rich history spanning over 21 years, NYCastings has established a robust reputation as a steadfast and trustworthy collaborator within the production community. The agency consistently oversees casting processes for a multitude of productions each year. NYCastings remains committed to delivering streamlined and dependable casting services to clients operating within major markets across the United States.

2) Ken Lazer Casting Company

For over 27 years, the Ken Lazer Casting Company has maintained a distinguished and reliable presence as a casting agency. The agency places a strong emphasis on sourcing exceptional talent that seamlessly integrates with all aspects of the production process. With an extensive history of successful casting ventures spanning more than a thousand projects across diverse genres, including commercials, voice-overs, feature films, TV shows, reality TV, print, and infomercials, the Ken Lazer Casting Company has fostered a trusted rapport with ad agencies and production entities alike. Ken Lazer, the agency’s founder, boasts a membership with the Casting Society of America and has accumulated over 29 years of industry experience, thereby enhancing the agency’s portfolio with expertise and credentials. The agency’s portfolio highlights a curated assortment of standout projects, showcasing the breadth and versatility of its casting capabilities.

3) Central Casting

Central Casting, headquartered in New York, stands as a prominent casting agency specializing in the provision of background actors for film and television projects. With an extensive tenure of over 90 years, the agency has solidified its position as a prime destination for securing background actors within the entertainment domain. Boasting regional offices in Los Angeles, New York, Georgia, and Louisiana, Central Casting offers a comprehensive spectrum of background services catering to diverse production genres. Recognized for its pioneering role in background casting, Central Casting has seamlessly integrated itself into Entertainment Partners, the largest entity delivering entertainment industry services in the United States. This strategic amalgamation empowers clients with streamlined access to an all-encompassing array of background casting and payroll solutions within a single framework. Whether a producer in pursuit of background actors or an aspiring actor in search of opportunities, Central Casting harnesses its proficiency and extensive resources to fulfill varied requirements.

4) House Casting

House Casting has established itself as a prominent casting agency in New York City, with a robust presence spanning over two decades. The agency places significant emphasis on cultivating client relationships and holds a commitment to comprehensively understand project visions through meticulous review of boards, scripts, treatments, and engaging conversations. The agency’s talent pool encompasses a diverse spectrum, ranging from actors, real individuals, and celebrities to humorous talents, children, and infants. House Casting’s renowned standing within the industry is a testament to its excellence, and the presence of Buddy, the agency’s beloved canine companion, adds a touch of delight to everyone’s experience. House Casting delivers an array of comprehensive services, encompassing both Union and non-union casting, extensive “real people” casting efforts, management of large-scale casting events, web-based posting of multimedia content, provision of Polaroid or digital size cards, high-definition video conferencing, a well-equipped prop closet, and premium VIP client service.

5) Background, Inc

Background, Inc. emerges as a well-established commercial extras casting company that was founded in the year 2000, evolving into one of the most bustling entities along the East Coast. Its reach extends to Los Angeles, where it engages in the casting of extras, specializing in both union and non-union endeavors encompassing a diverse range of scales, including commercials, industrials, music videos, print media, and promos. The company boasts an unwavering commitment to exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail across projects of varying magnitudes, and it excels in furnishing specialized talent such as stand-ins, little people, mimes, clowns, drag queens, sports teams, and more. Holding the distinction of being a certified Woman Owned Business, Background, Inc. maintains a dedicated staff available round the clock, readily engaged in casting and addressing inquiries.

6) Backstage

Backstage stands as a prominent online casting platform, catering to actors and performers by furnishing them with an array of cutting-edge tools and technology designed to facilitate the discovery of exceptional talent for various projects. Founded in 1960 within the heart of New York City, Backstage has solidified its reputation as a preeminent resource for actors and performers seeking roles that align with their professional aspirations and interests. Distinguished by an expansive selection of available roles surpassing that of other platforms, Backstage offers a platform for limitless submissions, along with industry-leading casting tools. The platform’s comprehensive suite of online resources has been pivotal in aiding a multitude of producers and directors in their quest to pinpoint the perfect actors, dancers, singers, models, comedians, and crew members for their respective projects. Aspiring filmmakers, theater creators, and digital content producers alike turn to Backstage as their preferred choice when aiming to elevate their projects to new heights.

7) Cast Partner

Cast Partner has held a prominent position as a leading casting agency since its inception in 2005, offering comprehensive casting services across key locations, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Mexico City. With a reach that extends globally to encompass Europe, Asia, and Latin America, the agency exudes a distinct pride in its creative casting solutions, characterized by a refined aesthetic, meticulous methodology, and adept implementation. Operating with a boutique-oriented approach, Cast Partner specializes in proficient casting services and premium-grade production assistance, catering to projects of diverse scales.

8) Donna Grossman Casting

Donna Grossman Casting operates as a boutique casting agency, providing comprehensive casting services across a spectrum of mediums, including Commercials, TV, Film, Theater, Print, Live Events, and more. The agency boasts a wealth of experience, spanning over two decades, and has cultivated robust affiliations with esteemed industry agencies. Leveraging its adeptness in real people casting, Donna Grossman Casting has also harnessed the power of social media platforms to forge valuable connections. The agency’s unwavering commitment revolves around securing the ideal talent to meet clients’ specific requirements, and they take pride in delivering exceptional service beyond expectations. With a global clientele, the agency ensures dedicated and personalized attention to each undertaking. Donna Grossman, the agency’s founder, occupies a position of high regard as one of the industry’s esteemed Casting Directors.

9) Beth Melsky Casting, LLC

Beth Melsky Casting stands as a well-established casting agency located in New York, boasting an extensive 20-year tenure in the realm of commercial, feature film, and short film casting. The agency’s expertise spans across various segments, encompassing both union and non-union talent acquisition. Their casting purview includes real individuals, comedy and improvisational artists, Spanish-speaking talent, dancers, models, voiceover professionals, as well as digital and low-budget projects. A steadfast commitment to delivering high-caliber casting solutions characterizes their approach, backed by a dedicated team of proficient casting directors. The agency’s exceptional work has garnered multiple accolades, including the prestigious Cannes Gold Lion in the Production Craft category, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the field of casting.

10) Grant Wilfley Casting, inc

Grant Wilfley Casting has been a distinguished provider of casting services to the film, television, and commercial sectors since 1992. The agency’s extensive range of offerings encompasses the casting of both principal and day players, as well as background performers. Notably, the agency has garnered a reputation for its inventive casting approach and the discovery of emerging talent. Over the years, their profound expertise has facilitated collaborations with renowned directors, including Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, Darren Aronofsky, and Steven Spielberg, on acclaimed projects such as The Departed, Black Swan, and West Side Story. With nearly three decades of industry experience, Grant Wilfley Casting’s exceptional team has consistently solidified its standing as a trusted and esteemed resource.