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The creative agency known as The STUDIO NYC has maintained a steadfast commitment to infusing the realm of communication with strategic vision and artistic prowess for a span exceeding 32 years. Specializing in the crafting of superior-quality visuals for storyboards, animatics, animation, digital content, character development, publishing, and exhibit design, the agency’s focus lies in transcending conventional boundaries and venturing into the realms of innovation and originality. The belief held by The STUDIO NYC is that art stands as the most eloquent means of comprehending the human experience, and that the role of conveying meaning is the domain of artists alone. Employing their innate talents and intuitive analysis, The STUDIO NYC is dedicated to cultivating insights that underpin their strategic endeavors.
Embracing change as a driving force, The STUDIO NYC continuously reinvents itself, engaging in the exploration of novel concepts to remain pertinent in a dynamic landscape. The agency takes pride in seamlessly amalgamating strategy, artistic finesse, and lucidity to engender aesthetic splendor in the realm of communication. Over the years, The STUDIO NYC has garnered the confidence of preeminent advertising agencies and esteemed Fortune 500 enterprises, solidifying its standing as a trusted partner.



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  • Grace Ramirez

    This is my go to place for anything production, graphics related. I truly love the people who work here and I love the fact that is a women owned business that has been operating for more than 20 years. Bravo!

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the address?

the STUDIO NYC is located at 80 8th Ave Suite 307, New York, NY 10011, United States

2. What is the contact number?

the phone number of the STUDIO NYC is +12126611363. To learn more about the STUDIO NYC visit,

3. What are the various mode of payment accepted here?

You can make payment Via Cash or Credit/Debit Card etc.

4. What is the STUDIO NYC known for?

the the STUDIO NYC is renowned as one of the top NYC 2D 3D Animation Companies