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johnnypuetz Productions comprises an accomplished team of video production professionals who have garnered awards for their work. Operating from Brooklyn, New York, this team engages in collaboration with brands, agencies, and creatives, realizing their artistic visions within budgetary constraints. The scope of their services spans from creative concept development to post-production execution. Leveraging chase vehicles, an in-house music and writing team, and adept editors, they ensure that projects authentically embody brand essence and convey an impactful message.
Established in 2018, the team at johnnypuetz Productions boasts a roster of directors, producers, certified drone operators, cameramen, editors, copywriters, and more, all possessing extensive industry expertise. The team’s specialization encompasses areas such as automotive, sports, fashion & lifestyle, and television. Their work has gained recognition on notable platforms including Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and Warner Bros. Pictures. They have collaborated with prominent brands like Jeep, Triumph, and Red Bull.
johnnypuetz Productions acknowledges the distinct challenges that arise with each project, and their commitment to inventive problem-solving yields remarkable outcomes, irrespective of project scale or complexity. Their dedication to their craft drives them to craft captivating content that deeply resonates with audiences.



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  • Working with JP and his team was a nightmare about production delivery. We sent this production team three ebikes, each one bike is worth over $1500. We paid the full price for the full production including video and photoshot without any haggling because we believed this team is professional. However,they did not treat our project seriously. they just arrange one newbie or intern without enough experience to do our project. After they provided the delivery, we got the following feedback:
    1. The 90 pictures taken are all perspectives that can be taken by any amateur. The products are placed in a mess, without any photo composition skills, and even the details of the products cannot be placed in the correct position before shooting. 90 images, we paid an exorbitant fee, but less than 10 images could be selected to use.
    2. The brand video shot is not at all the structure and narrative that a “brand video” should have. The video they gave us was like a news story, and the editing was confusing and illogical. And with only two revisions available, they have no creativity themselves, relying entirely on the client to teach them to revise. I don’t know where their professionalism is, AI should be able to outperform them.
    3. All three of our products over $1500 were damaged during shipping because of their impatient packaging. All damaged and unusable. They offered no compensation, no apology, or even had the patience to respond to our emails. We lost shipping and the cost of three products. Huge loss.
    In a word, this team is extremely irresponsible for their clients. On the one hand, the professionalism is not enough, and the finished product given to us is too poor to be used without compensation. On the other hand, also damaged all our products without any apology. Don’t ask this team to do any shooting again! Total liar! Come on guys, they are professional team, using camera to do shooting! However, I could use my phone to do better photos than them. terrible service🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

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1. What is the address?

johnnypuetz Productions is located at 276 Ainslie Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

2. What is the contact number?

the phone number of johnnypuetz Productions is 3474436014. To learn more about johnnypuetz Productions visit,

3. What are the various mode of payment accepted here?

You can make payment Via Cash or Credit/Debit Card etc.

4. What is johnnypuetz Productions known for?

the johnnypuetz Productions is renowned as one of the top NYC Video Production Companies